Curriculum Maps

     Curriculum Maps specify our district curriculum, what it is students will learn.  These maps are based on Wyoming state educational standards.  Parents, you can use these maps to find out what your child will be learning through the school year.  

     To view a curriculum map, click on a grade level and a subject area, for example: kindergarten language arts.  As you look at the curriculum map, you will see that it is laid out in an outline format.  Each of the items listed in the outline is a learning target for kindergarten language arts.  If you are a parent of a kindergartner, you can expect your child will receive instruction in each area.  If an outline point has an asterisk next to it, that target is a proficiency target.  That means your student is expected to be proficient with that knowledge or skill by the end of kindergarten.  Students will receive instruction and support for each proficiency target until they can demonstrate proficiency in that target area.

      Parents, please make use of this information when looking at what your child is learning through each school year.  This information provides you with an excellent centerpiece for discussions with your child's teacher about how she or he is progressing with her/his learning.  If you have questions about our district curriculum maps, please do not hesitate to ask your child's teacher or Mr. Edwards.

Kindergarten Curriculum Maps:

Kindergarten Language Arts

Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten Science

Kindergarten Social Studies

FOSS Science Pacing Map

1st Grade Curriculum Maps:

1st Grade Language Arts

1st Grade Math

1st Grade Science

1st Grade Social Studies

1st Grade Health

1st Grade Physical Education 

Elementary Art 

FOSS Science Pacing Map  

2nd Grade Curriculum Maps:

2nd Grade Language Arts

2nd Grade Math

2nd Grade Science

2nd Grade Social Studies  

2nd Grade Health

2nd Grade Physical Education

Elementary Art

FOSS Science Pacing Map 

3rd Grade Curriculum Maps:

3rd Grade Language Arts

3rd Grade Math

3rd Grade Science

3rd Grade Social Studies 

3rd Grade Health

3rd Grade Physical Education 

Elementary Art

FOSS Science Pacing Map  

4th Grade Curriculum Maps:

4th Grade Language Arts

4th Grade Math

4th Grade Science

4th Grade Social Studies  

4th Grade Health

4th Grade Physical Education

Elementary Art

FOSS Science Pacing Map