With the large number of parents picking up students in the afternoons, parking lots at Westridge can be a dangerous place.  We have provided the following FAQs to help everyone understand their part in keeping Westridge parking lots safer.

Where do I drop off my children in the morning?
When entering and exiting the front parking lot, stay in the drop-off lane next to the right-hand curb.  Please wait to drop off your child until you have reached the front doors of the school.  Do not park and leave your vehicle in the drop-off lane.  If your car is blocking traffic, it will create a safety hazard when other parents have to drive around your car.

If I need to park to drop a student off in the morning, where should I park?
Please park on the street in front of the school and walk your child in to the school.

Which parking lot should I use to pick up my child after school?
Please use the front parking lot only to pick up students.  We need to keep the back parking lot clear for school busses.

What is the process for picking up my children after school?
If you are planning to pick up your child without getting out of your car, please stay in the line and in the pick-up lane along the curb.  Teachers will be out on duty with students waiting for pick-up.  Watch for teacher directions.  You will be asked to pull as far forward as possible before stopping to pick up you child.  Do not stop and park in this lane.  This stops the flow of traffic and creates a dangerous situation.

The line for picking up students is so long and I really don't want to wait in line.  Is there a faster way to pick up my child?

The safest way for all students to be picked up is for parents to wait in the pick-up line.  Our pick-up process is very efficient.  The entire line is almost always through pick-up in 5 minutes or less! The line has never taken as long as 10 minutes.

If I need to park to pick up my child, where do I park?
If you need to park to come into the school in the afternoon, please park on the street and use the sidewalk.  This keeps you and your child out of traffic or in a crosswalk.
Please do not park in the center parking spaces.  This creates a dangerous situation with people crossing in front of traffic.  There have been close calls in the past when a car swerves out of the pick-up lane and around traffic when pedestrians are crossing between vehicles.  We need parents to help avoid this situation.

 I see other parents park in the middle of the front parking lot and go get their child.  Why are they allowed to do that?
Typically parents who bring their children out to center parking spaces have been substitute teachers or volunteers at Westridge that day. 

Student safety is important!  We need everyone to help keep kids safe!  Please do what you can to help us make safety #1 at Westridge!