Westridge Elementary School

School Improvement Plan

The Write Tools

Westridge has two versions of our 2010-2011 school improvement plan posted. You will need Adobe Reader or a similar program to read the attached PDF files:

1. A short, one-page summary of our school improvement plan.  This version of the plan does not contain much more information than what is included on the previous school improvement page.

One-page School Improvement Summary Document 

2. The 12-page School Improvement document submitted to the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) is available for you to read as well.  This document includes responses to specific questions posed by WDE.  It also includes action steps we will be taking to implement school improvement plans. This document was actually developed during the 2009-2010 school year.  The Wyoming Department of education did not have Westridge submit another improvement plan this year due to the waiver of PAWS scores for 2010.

Complete WDE School Improvement Document