Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Westridge Elementary


Our vision is to ensure all students a safe environment and promote individual responsible lifelong learners.


Our mission is to ensure all students are educated to their highest individual academic and social potential.



We strive to:

  • Deliver equitable instruction and strengthen student achievement in reading and math.
  • Foster communication with our students, parents, staff and community.


Collective Commitments

  • Operate as a professional learning community
  • Take ownership of a collaborative educational partnership though student, parent and civic engagement.
  • Utilize and share data to inform our decisions to maximize student achievement
  • Educate the whole child by providing direct instruction in art, music, physical education and technology.
  • Implement the components of the Positive Behavioral and Intervention Support (PBIS)model to encourage exemplary behavior and facilitate academic success.
  • Establish clear, high expectations with specific academic and behavioral targets for all students.
  • Be supportive, trusting, positive and collaborative in our interactions.
  • Approach each day with optimism and enthusiasm.